Icy mountains, surging rivers, towering canopies and windblown steppes - at Skyship, we don't just love extreme environments, we specialize in telling stories within them. Inspired by the world, we in turn seek to inspire - pushing ourselves and our craft to be worthy of it. To explore the cutting edge but protect the ancient earth. To fight for that most fragile, honor diverse voices, and make every project something we’re proud to call our own.

In the remote Darién Gap, the Emberá tribe of Playa Muerto find an unlikely ally in protecting their rainforest when a rare Harpy Eagle nest is discovered near their community. "Aguilucho" Premiered at the 2021 DC Environmental Film Festival and is playing in festivals worldwide.
Follow the A:shiwi rain priests and medicine men as this sacred migration down the Colorado river is documented on film for the first time.

A team of eye doctors and Buddhist monks travel to remote Nepal to restore sight.


Daniel Byers is an award-winning total-filmmaker. From trapping snow leopards in war-torn Afghanistan to bike-trekking a thousand miles in the tracks of a wolf, he's an expert hand at expedition logistics and inspired storytelling on land, sea, and air.   
Joey Brunelle is the behind-the-scenes heavyweight polymath that keeps our Skyship smooth-sailing. Need historical research? DVD and poster design? Advanced web coding? No problem. Production planning and logistics? Documentary editing? He's on it.
Zachary Ludescher is a guy you want around when the going gets rough. Rigging transformers to boat batteries for field power? Pulling aikido gymnastics or powering up mountainsides for the perfect shot? This is your guy.
Sam Eilertsen is an expert shooter and gear junkie, capable of solving any problem. He's like production butter - if you want things to go smoothly, apply him generously.
Editor, Score, VFX
Harry Aspinwall is a filmmaker, editor, linguistics expert, musician, and actor. Need an epic score for your film? Voiceover? Unbeatable sense of pacing and style in edit? Working in translation with a rare language? Harry does it all.
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