High Mountain Adaptation Partnership | USAID Climate
This series of short films for USAID Climate followed a global effort to connect scientists from countries with high altitude glacier lakes to collaborate and share expertise towards finding solutions.
Peru | 2013
We accompanied a team of scientists from mountainous regions across the globe through the Valley of the Condors to study the glacial lake Palcacocha. The lake burst in 1953, killing over 5000 people in the city of Huaraz, and remains a threat today.
Now, scientists from Central Asia and the Himalayas join them to learn how they successfully mitigated the threat, and apply that knowledge to their own dangerous lakes.
Imja Lake | 2012
USAID launches an initiative to help Sherpas local to the Khumbu region of Nepal adapt to climate change challenges. Meanwhile, a team of scientists and engineers makes startling discoveries about the growing danger of the Imja lake, which threatens the entire Everest trekking route.
The project begins with a global expedition to Imja Lake, bringing scientists from all over the world together with a common goal.

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